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The Cancer man is bright and commanding; Leo confidently holds her own. Both are meticulous about career matters and self-concerns are often sacrificed for the common good. A good compromise is found between tenderness and passion. This union can be emotionally fulfilling for both of you if you can survive the initial struggle to match your differing energies.

There is potential for you to evolve into a loving, long-term coupling. If you enjoy reading about compatibilities between Zodiac signs and Zodiac sign love matches, make sure the browse the following pages too:.

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Pin by Rebecca Cato on Astrology/Zodiac | Leo men, Leo, cancer, Cancer man

Privacy Policy. Leo Woman — Cancer Woman This union can be emotionally fulfilling for both of you if you can survive the initial struggle to match your differing energies. You will find out he stopped loving you when his family is distancing from you. He shares everything with his family and depends on their support.

He gets mentally mature later on in life and remains marked by his mother figure. He needs the protection and stability ensured by family life.

Pisces and Cancer Table of Contents

Betrayal has the power to hurt him terribly and even if he consciously forgives, he will never emotionally forget. He is a great father and he will always be proud of his children, for which he is both a mentor and a friend. She is the most feminine native from the entire zodiac, in the classical sense of the word. She is maternal, passionate, and gentle.

The Cancer woman is charismatic and sensitive to any compliment. She prefers to be appreciated, treated with gentleness and always accepted. She rarely takes initiative openly, so others need to make the first move. One of her greatest desires is to be loved. A great quality of this native is her loyalty.

The devotion for her children often exaggerated also includes the need to give them what she appreciates the most — stability.

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And she is way too wise not to understand that money is an absolutely necessary element in ensuring it. Aries is impulsive and insolent, while the Cancer is sensitive and emotive. Of course, the Aries can also be emotive, but in an impetuous manner, overwhelming the Cancer. Although the Cancer native is more reticent about getting involved in a relationship, the hasty nature of the Aries can act as a booster.

Taurus In general, this is a successful union. They both have a lot of things in common: they appreciate safety more than anything in a relationship; also, they get attached to their home where they want to spend as much time as possible next to their loved ones.

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Gemini This relationship is a bit weird. The sensitive and emotive Cancer will have issues in communicating clearly; in turn, logical and simple communication is defining for the Gemini sign. Cancer A relationship between two people born under this sign is based on fidelity and sincere love. This couple is honest and caring about the individual needs of each partner; the main goal is to ensure a comfortable home for all the family.

If they can find a method to control their moods, this relationship will flourish. Leo In this relationship, both partners know how to satisfy the emotional needs of each other. Both signs need attention from others and a lot of devotion and love; the only difference is that, while Cancer needs emotional balance and harmony, Leo wants compliments and honest admiration.

Both of them are loyal and even possessive in many cases. They will get involved in a long-term relationship, hoping that they will get plenty of gratification on a personal level. Virgo They make a strong, pragmatic couple with a positive outcome. This relationship has a huge potential for permanent improvement over the years.

Leo and cancer compatibility

The natives are ambitious and disciplined. They are honest, devoted, and responsible in the relationship. They both look for a balanced relationship; they are delighted by their common passion for beauty and luxury, especially when it comes to their own home. They can harmoniously unite their energies if they aim for a common goal.

Although this relationship evolves slower than others because they think they have too little in common at the beginning, the better they get to know each other, the more they will recognize and respect the qualities of the other. Scorpio These natives form a pair with very intense feelings.

Cancer in love: how to attract him, compatibility and best quotes

This union of signs creates a good balance between the weaknesses and strengths of both partners. There is a very strong sexual attraction between these two natives.

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Both signs have a lot of things in common and they can enjoy a solid and passionate relationship. They like to spend a lot of time together. Cancer represents security, while Scorpio represents the power in this relationship. They view life as an exercise of interpersonal relationships, full of passion and feelings. Sagittarius When these two natives form a pair, a lot of patience is needed in order for the relationship to evolve. In time, the two partners will discover that they have a lot to offer each other.

The first impression is that the Sagittarius is the one who wants a life full of adventure and adrenaline, while the Cancer is satisfied with emotional safety.