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This is considered a misuse of the I Ching, and will yield ineffective, useless and misleading answers. However, if some time has passed, and you want to ask the I Ching the same question because your situation may have changed slightly -- this is perfectly acceptable and encouraged. It's traditional belief to never ask the I Ching questions about the I Ching itself.

While this isn't written anywhere, this belief is widely held among practitioners in Asia. We think it's a good rule to follow. The origins of the I Ching oracle are shrouded in mystery, and probably pre-date the written text.

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Scholars believe the original ancient Chinese text was first penned some time betwen the 10th and 4th century BC. It is the oldest of the ancient Chinese classics which survives today. Edward Shaughnessy American scholar of Chinese history and Chinese philosophy, dates the origin of the I Ching to the twilight of the 9th century BC, during the early reign of King Xuan of the Zhou dynasty.

The first English translation of the I Ching was penned by Thomas McClatchie an Anglican missionary in Hong Kong who became fascinated with the seasoned wisdom of the ancient texts. Both of which are excellent. These translations can be difficult to understand.

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They make references to historic events, include political interpretations and references to ancient Chinese culture during the time of the Zhou and Shang dynasty. Our I Ching translation has been specially written for today's readers while keeping the spirit of the original Book of Changes alive.

What Is I Ching Hexagram?

The I Ching or Book of Changes which has also been known by the names the "Zhou Yi" or the "Changes of Zhou" over the centuries is at its heart, a divination text. It's purpose it to provide insight and guidance into current and future events. As stated above, the core of the text are the 64 hexagrams of the Zhou Yi which are each composed of six horizontal lines, stacked on top of each other.

Each line has two possible states: Broken and unbroken. The beauty of the ancient Book of Changes comes from its depth and its versatility.

FREE I Ching Reading - profguicamdiamumb.tk

As a Chinese philosophy text, it has formed close relationships over the centuries with Taoism, Confuscianism and other Chinese philosophical schools. The richness of its divinations come from the multiple ways in which each hexagram can be understood. On a simple level, each hexagram can be divided into an upper trigram and a lower trigram, each consisting of three broken or unbroken lines.

Heaven: The trigram of heaven is possibly the most important of the trigrams.

It consists of 3 unbroken lines, and represents the ultimate creative force in the universe. When appearing in certain circumstances it can also represent masculinity and fatherhood. Earth: The I Ching trigram of earth is the counterbalance to the trigram of heaven. Its three broken lines represent receptivity, feminine energy and motherhood. Wind: The trigram of wind represents of a soft, perpetual and gentle pressure.

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What it lacks in power, it makes up for in consistency and persistence. This trigram may represent the oldest daughter in a family in some circumstances. Water: Water is dark, foreboding and mysterious.

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It is ever-changing and shifting. In Chinese philosophy, as with astrology, water is associated with the moon. In the I Ching it is frequently representative of shifts in the status quo.

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Thunder: The powerful force of thunder is filled with awesome energy and an element of mystery. It often indicates a movement of power, changing dynamics and the powerful energy behind new plans and initiatives. Fire: Fire in Chinese philosophy is seen as a force for positive, life-giving energy. It is the ultimate in usefulness and reliability. In certain circumstances, the trigram of fire may also represent a second-born daughter. Mountain: Standing tall and eternal overhead, the mountain trigram represents the ancient, unmovable force.

It is fixed and unmovable. In some circumstances, the trigram of mountain may also represent a third-born son. Lake: Nothing is more serene and peaceful than the trigram of the lake. Its presence evokes feelings of calmness, serenity and peace.

Four Pillars of Wisdom. Chinese I Ching Astrology Software.

This happy trigram may also represent a third-born daughter in some circumstances. Adding complexity and a third dimension to I Ching readings are the concept of changing lines. Each of the 64 hexagrams comes with an additional six meanings -- one for each broken or unbroken line in the hexagram. While there is debate among both scholars and users of the I Ching as to the reason why changing lines were included in the ancient text of the Book of Changes, the belief among many is that these changing lines represent shifts in the meaning of each hexagram, and point to a potential future state.

This book is the key to understanding the changes in our lives. Counsel with "Book of Changes", we can understand the reasons for this situation, see the way out of it. It shows the work of the hidden forces driving changes and reflects what's happening in your subconscious. The book consists of 64 hexagrams — characters - they reveal the whole variety of life situations and options to their development.

It is believed that these symbols and signs hide a secret of the universe. This is especially true around Having trouble finding the right words? You may have retreated from your loved ones lately if you What's the biggest factor in a diminishing libido? If your love life is lacking passion, You don't have to lick your plate clean just because it's loaded to the brim. If there's an excess Whether you're looking for a weekly horoscope or a monthly horoscope , our team of astrologers have you covered.

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