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Quick Facts on Canada's climate plan, compared to other G20 members. Button-pushing Edmonton toddler wins his parents a free trip to Tokyo. House Beautiful: A dream house close to nature. Environment Canada warns of freezing rain, icy conditions on B. Former student sues private Toronto school after alleged sex assault on campus.

Israeli airstrike kills Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza home. Cooking with Eric. Bronze Star is the pre-Bronze Medallion training standard and it is excellent preparation for success in Bronze Medallion. Participants develop problem-solving skills individually and in partners. They learn how to keep a cool head and take charge in an emergency. Includes a metre timed swim. But take a sip of the Champagne and you have a greater than the sum situation. The wine tastes like it has been barrel-fermented. Pronounced notes of buttered toast, roasted hazelnut, and warm toffee develop and stay—almost mirroring flavours in the cheese.

A wine just hit shelves at the LCBO you need to know about. It also needed to be available in sufficient quantity for the large Ontario market, with minimal vintage variation. Funny thing is, when we compared notes, we had come up with an almost identical blend. It tasted amazing. The samples were from the vintage. But the blend created a taste profile that the winemaker could then replicate with subsequent vintages. As well as tasting good, Patinios and Nathou needed the wine to look and sound good, so they gave it a name and a label.

The brand was born. The result is a blend of 60 per cent Tempranillo and 40 per cent Merlot with D.

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Valencia designation. Toro Bravo calls to mind Black Forest Cake on the nose, followed by a flood of flavour—cherries dipped in dark chocolate, tobacco, earth, and coffee—with a dusting of dark cocoa powder that lingers. But more than its constituent parts, this affable Spanish red is harmonious and easy to enjoy.

As a wine critic, this is what I like to see. Many of us remember the story of Fuzion, which was also brought in by Patinios. It got a rave review by a major Ontario wine critic, and it quickly rose in popularity. The 5, cases of it released in July sold out within six weeks. And the vintage was sold out by the end of By , about , cases of Fuzion Shiraz Malbec were sold in Ontario alone. When critics tasted the initial wine, it was no doubt stellar.


As of Jan. When I filed this story, more than stores carried it—and Patinios assures me more stores will stock it by Feb.

Horoscope: February 17th - 18th

Meanwhile, 9, cases are on standby in Spain ready to be shipped. It just needs to tick the right boxes. This checklist guides you through the selection process to set you up for success. Steer clear of love-it or hate-it styles such as heavily wooded Chardonnays, sweet Rieslings, or tannic reds like Aglianico.

Instead, choose easy-drinking wines such as crisp whites and juicy reds. Not only will these wines please the majority of guests, they tend to pair with most food dishes—which mean fuss-free menu planning. Today, the alcohol content in wine has never been higher. But a white with more than 13 per cent alcohol by volume ABV or a red exceeding So play it safe. Ensure the bottles you choose fall at or below these thresholds. If the bubbly is too dry, it will taste unpleasantly shrill if you serve it with wedding cake. So choose a sparkling wine with a kiss of sweetness.

These are casual styles of wine though so best kept to the reception. Delicate aromas of lime leaf and chalk lead to polished, silky flavours of the same with breezy hints of wildflowers, lemon zest and minerals. This dry wine shows a touch of white pepper on the finish.

Restrained and crisp, this dry Italian white shows captivating flavours of white flowers, white peach, grapefruit oil and chalk with a hint of almond on the finish. This red offers a sheer wash of berry fruit with an earthy-spicy undertow that leaves the palate perfectly seasoned. Warm chocolate cake and blackberry aromas lead to dry, opulent flavours of crushed plum, black and red berries, and cocoa—with a plush mouthfeel. Articulate aromas of sea spray and sliced pear lead to a sparkling, beamlike entry of sea salt, slate and flint.

A nice kiss of sweetness offsets the bright, mouthwatering acidity. My favourite part of the event is the Discovery Pass program—a self-guided tour of up to 40 wineries offering special food and wine pairings. Many wineries offer a choice of two bottles with their annual culinary creation. So I braved the cold to find five of the best pairings of the year. Here, roasted sweet potato mousse is layered with roasted mushrooms, then topped with hot-smoked salmon cured in icewine and honey.

The effect is an umami explosion in comfort food format you eat with a spoon. The dish is good on its own but the flavours come into sharper focus with a sip of the Vidal Icewine, which delivers a zippy hit of candied citrus and grapefruit marmalade laced with mouthwatering acidity that scrapes the palate clean. Taking the guesswork out of the wine selection process, Reif Estate only offers one bottle with its slow-roasted, fall-apart porketta piled high on a bun and topped with a salty slice of crackling. The Vidal Icewine poured along side fills the mouth with intense flavours of poached pear, pecan praline, and caramelized apricot while a bolt of bright acidity balances every sip.

Skip the very average applesauce served on the side so as not to spoil the glory of the sip and sandwich combo.

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The fois torchon takes the lead here. The fois torchon is fois gras cured in icewine, salt, sugar and vanilla then poached. A slice is served served atop toasted baguette, crowned with a perfect coin of icewine jelly, and sprinkled with candied walnuts. Of the wines offered, go for the Late Harvest sparkling Riesling which, when sampled with the dish, becomes a dry-tasting, elegant, and complex wine.

Notes of biscuit, nutmeg, salt and crushed stones come to the fore while the gently effervescent apple-scented centre leaves the palate refreshed. Very impressive pairing. Resist the temptation to choose the Icewine and opt instead for the off-dry table wine offered instead. The grapefruit-scented Riesling lends a sweet-bitter tang that cools and cleanses the palate while adding complexity to the experience.

Of the two wines offered, opt for the Riesling Icewine. Face it. The wine you drink says as much about you as your footwear, hairdo, and gossipy neighbour. And social media magnifies that message. Read on to discover the vinous equivalents of the white leather sneaks, the perfect bedhead, and three other style statements.

Ai Weiwei: Unbroken

The white leather sneak has never been more chic. It goes with everything in your wardrobe—even a suit.

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  • And one amazing pair—such as the Common Projects Original Achilles Low—quietly ennobles any ensemble. It has become unquestionably the anywhere, anytime, always-smart shoe. And the vinous equivalent is this wine right here. Its coy aromas and flavours of caramelized apple tart, lemon curd and toasted almond shot through with tiny bubbles elevates anything you put with it. Eggs benedict on the weekend?

    Of course. But so worth it.

    Ai Weiwei: Unbroken - Gardiner Museum

    That I-woke-up-like-this mop that says I-have-better-things-to-do-than-fuss-with-my-hair. In fact, the French probably invented it. The vinous equivalent of the perfect bedhead is this cru Beaujolais with its beautiful but blissfully unfussy appeal. No need to chill it, decant it, or drink it from fancy stems. Just pour yourself a glass and let the pleasure take hold. This time of year, you might be wearing it underneath a flannel shirt or cashmere sweater, but the perfect white tee is always smart.

    Its ethereal aromas and flavours of apple and warm croissant laced with lemon zest taste delicious—very stylish wine to have on hand to pour with finger foods. Not the most complex but very pure-tasting and well-made making it a great bottle to have on hand in quantity—especially at the price. Time to throw on that wearable duvet known as the puffer with its perfect storm of stylishness, warmth and wearability. It just has to be large with lots of stuffing. This big, bold red Zinfandel with its explosive fruit and warming Every full-bodied mouthful expands with velvety flavours of black and red berries nuanced with grill marks, black earth and mixed peppercorn.

    Throw on a white t-shirt, follow with a snug sweater, then don a boxy bulky knit or jacket. The layered look in wine form is this Californian Cabernet with its suave entry of cherries and blackcurrant liqueur that fans out with suggestions of maraschino cherries, vanilla custard, toasted wood and a whisper of white pepper. Did you know alcohol packs more calories per gram than sugar? Steering clear of the sweeter stuff is secondary.