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Questions arise, such as: "How do I use it? I'm glad it frustrates and confuses you. You may actually be on the verge of learning something very important about the nature astrology and working with living, active symbols This node-like point was not postulated until the 's' when L.

Edward Johndro coined the name. He, and his followers, did attribute significant meaning to the vertex, although Johndro apparently grappled with its relative value more than once. Is the vertex really effective? The following article invites students to consider this question, experimenting with their own charts to find answers for themselves. Calculate your Vertex now. What is the vertex? The vertex is a theoretical point in the heavens where the ecliptic-the apparent orbit of the Sun around the earth-crosses the prime 4 vertical-the plane that runs at right angles to the meridian and divides the celestial sphere from front to back.

Already, it sounds fishy. A theoretical point? The Ascendant is the point were the ecliptic intersects the horizon instead of the prime vertical. The North and South Nodes of the Moon, also points of theoretical intersection, are found were the path of the Moon rises and falls across the ecliptic. They are all illusory because there is nothing really out there at that point in space-no fixed star, no asteroid, no planet- not to emphasize that the ecliptic itself is the imaginary path of the Sun around the earth.

Illusory or not, the vertex falls on the western side of the chart, with the anti-vertex found exactly degrees away, on the eastern side. As with the Ascendant and Midheaven, an exact birth time is necessary to calculate the vertex. There is no point working with it unless you have one. That is the first rule.

What is a Birth Chart & Natal Chart? Birth Chart Explained

What does the word vertex mean? The word vertex comes from the Latin root word vertere, meaning to change, to turn, turn frequently or spin. It also can mean a crowning point, summit, top or crest. Words having this Latin root include vertebrae, joint, having something to turn on vertigo dizzy, disoriented, spun out vertical from top to bottom versatile doing many things at once, to turn from one thing to another and verticil a circular arrangement around a fixed point, a whorl. The common theme here highlights change or movement, from one point to another, where the center remains fixed or the same.

The Vertex: a Turning Point of Fate

Can mythology reveal anything about the vertex? The Roman god Vertumnus has roots in the Latin word vertere, to change, turn or spin. Vertumnus was a lesser god of gardens, fruit trees and seasons. Youthful and alluring, he had the power to change himself into various forms, just as the seed changes from root, to branch to leaf to fruit. Vertumnus used this ability in his avid pursuit of the goddess Pomona. As the myth goes, Vertumnus fell in love with a strikingly beautiful goddess in some versions nymph named Pomona. Although she rejected all suitors, he fed his passion with the sight of her by changing his form and passing her gardens daily as a soldier, a harvester, a fisherman, etc.

Ignoring him, Pomona remained devoted only to the cultivation of fruit trees. Vertumnus persisted and one day he altered his form to that of an old woman, greeted her with a passionate kiss, and proceeded to enter her gardens. Vertumnus, as the matron , talked to the goddess, attempting to convince her of the rewards of relationship and the dangers of rejecting love.

The 5 qualities and integrity of the youthful god Vertumnus were discussed. Finally, "she" told Pomona the story of a young man who cruelly took his own life after being spurned by his hard hearted love. He told of how the gods turned the rejecting woman into stone, but still Pomona was not persuaded.

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Finally in exasperation, Vertumnus dropped his disguise and stood naked before Pomona in his true form. She thought she was seeing the sun immerge from behind the clouds and in the glorious light of Vertumnus, she opened her heart and reciprocated his love. Together still, they attend the gardens and fruit tress of the countryside. The theme of this myth centers on a seemingly chance moment where an outstanding event occurs. To Pomona, it was like an epiphany, a sudden turn of fate, a radical awakening of perception. To Vertumnus, it was at first a well planned strategy, then finally an act of spontaneous desperation.

Imagine his surprise when Pomona finally received him! Love, relationship and union are highlighted here, not just in the desire of Vertumnus, but also in the story he told of the young man's rejection and the tragic consequences that followed. The imagery of the gardens, fruit and vine add to the feeling of ripeness, an event finally ready to happen, a fruitful experience. How significant is the vertex astrologically?

Here lies the debate. The Moon is our habits and our auto-pilot, how we instinctively react. The Moon is how we like to be nurtured and cuddled. This is the classic marriage indicator simply because it is what marriage is all about. The balance of day and night is what keeps the earth fertile. Ying and yang, male and female, partnership and balance. Fertility and growth are the fundamentals of a successful relationship.

Vertex - Destiny's Gate

Even if you are not having children together you want your soul to thrive as well as to be materially comfortable. Harmonious aspects facilitate this fecundity. The opposition makes for a sexy polarity. The square will put obstacles in the way of growth, but the growth may end up being more durable because it will have forced you to build up more resilience.

The Sun would be driving in a more conscious, purposeful way whereas the Moon would be more auto-pilot and going with the flow of the river. A sympathetic relationship between the Sun or Moon and the Ascendant means you all want to go in the same direction. Because of this you should both achieve more together, get things done swiftly and as stress-free as possible because you are not fighting over the steering wheel.

Horse and rider are as one. Of course for most people sex is important in a relationship so it is preferable to have Venus and Mars in aspect. The hard aspects seem to make it more potent and exciting. But you certainly need this or another sexual aspect if you want long-term zing. The North Node in synastry is hugely important because it shows where our soul needs to go to evolve. A square to the Nodes will be far more challenging and more likely to be a karmic contract type relationship where there is some excess baggage that is blocking you both and needs resolving once and for all.

The Vertex works like an alternative descendant and is the point of destiny encounters.

When someones sexual planet falls on this it can feel very compelling, like a whirlpool it draws you in and feels incredibly fated. The Vertex effect is like being hit by a thunderbolt and can be enlightening. The Vertex in combination with the luminaries or Saturn is more likely to give the destined feeling mileage. The symbol for the vertex on an astrological chart is Vx. You must have your precise birth time to calculate it because it changes every 4 minutes, as do all the house cusp degrees. There will be at least one time in your life, sometimes twice when the vertex is activated by important transits that it will bring an unexpected, life changing event.

You will not be the same person after the vertex transit; your vision, beliefs, thoughts, values and ways of looking at the world will forever be changed. If you have a planet making a close hard aspect in your natal chart conjunction, opposition or square within a two degree orb of your vertex, the planet's qualities will always be very important in your life but after the vertex transit the planet's qualities take on a much more significant role in your true purpose for this life. Integrating the planet's traits and energies into your life purpose and vision is critical to making optimal spiritual and personal growth in this life and ignoring the energies will have a hugely detrimental effect.

If the Nodes are also aspecting the vertex-planet, you have a very special and destined purpose in this life in connection with the planet's domain. You have the potential to contribute significantly to humanity in this regard and by making a good effort you will have tremendous success. The vertex is always highly active in karmic relationships. When you compare your natal chart with another person's natal chart and notice important vertex connections you can be assured that this person is fated to be in your life for a purpose, you could not help but meet them.

The nature of the encounter can be either good or bad but it is always memorable. The length of their stay in your life can be less than one day or for a lifetime but you will never forget them. They will play an important part in shaping your outlook on some area of life or expanding your ideas on important topics.

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  • Personally, I have an exact natal Neptune-vertex conjunction in the fifth house that was recently transited by Pluto by conjunction. I can testify that it indeed was dramatic and life changing and Neptune's qualities play a much larger role in my life now. Samantha Samuels www. Thanks for the solution to my question.

    I found out that I have my vertex is in Leo, in the 8th house. Ah I see As my Sun is conjunct Mercury, my Vertex is also conjunct my Mercury. I'm not sure when my Vertex will have it's important transits Originally Posted by astro Tags finding , vertex Thread Tools.